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Welcome to Ashton Care

Seeking individuals with passion for care and support

Ashton Care is always looking for people with drive, interpersonal effectiveness and efficiency to join one of our four care homes in order to provide the highest quality of care and service to our residents. Our care homes, some modern and some traditional, are finished to the highest specifications with modern amenities and facilities to ensure that our residents find themselves in the most comfortable and homely environment. This cannot be accomplished with only the facilities the care homes but with having a team which understand and complement the level of such quality of service.

Ashton Care want to make sure it meets the expectations of its clientele. We prioritise the qualifications and talents of an individual and approach the right candidates. We establish what roles would be most suited to you and ensure that the roles we offer to you are are in line with your requirements.

Social & elderly care are demanding roles but the satisfaction of making a difference in people's lives is just one of the benefits. We are constantly seeking experienced carers to work in one of our residential care homes. We also recruit people with a passion for care but have no relevant experience. We offer the best training to be able to match up to the standards of quality our care homes offer its residents and what we expect.

The core quality of compassionate person-centred care allow our residents to continue their daily life with choice, compassion, dignity and privacy in safe and caring homes and putting their families at ease that their loved ones are in safe and very caring hands. We pride and give full credit to our dedicated staff, all of whom are highly experienced. All our staff undergo a rigorous recruitment process which includes being DBS checked, Police checked, satisfactory references and Pova checked. They will then receive on-going training. Each member of our team has been carefully selected to ensure superior 24-hour professional care and support.


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